Memories kit

Memories is a kit that contains a series of objects that help us discover, collects and save memories by using and exploring our five senses.

Memories of a happy man is photo album that comes with a pair of glasses that help the user adjust his focus on the red dot, by this process an image is created allowing the user to relive his memories.

In the near future, chips will be implanted into the bodies of human beings, we imagined a tattoo-chip that would embody sound. The user can connect two parts of the tattoos on his body to play back a pre recorded sound. This makes the sound permanent.

Human beings associate smells to different moments in their lives. With the scent backpack people can preserve the smells they wish to be reminded of. The backpack contains different sections allowing the user to collect multiple smells. These are connected to an output mask where the user can breathe in these smells transporting him back in time to his memory.

People living away from one another often want to be reminded of a particular touch. The “I feel you” gloves allow the user to record movements and gestures, or perform them live and send them over to the receivers gloves. The gloves have the ability to receive and send movements.

Complicated dishes by talented chefs often take a lot of time to create and then perfect. The TasteTaker offers various collection equipment to capture the taste of different materials in nature. Namely, Solid, liquid, plasma and delicate types. The tastes can be saved in small vials for later use.