Fabulous Total Security Kit

In the future, the authorities’ data collection will cover not just visual and audible media, but through advances in technology will allow them to collect biometric data on sight, smell and touch. To protect themselves, citizens will need ways to remain anonymous to avoid rampant identity theft and pre-crime. The FTS Kit contains a comprehensive set of wearables and tools that will camouflage and erase the traces of the users, by leveraging all 5 of the human senses.


The Not Eye glasses allows the wearer to trick retina scanners and face detectors to confuse them with another fictitious person. Simply hiding the eyes will create a problem because these machines will not allow a person to pass through if a face isn’t detected.


Safe ‘n’ Sound is a directional microphone that absorbs the sound out of the space and into itself, allowing only those plugged in to hear the voices.


Smellpresso uses influences from the popular espresso machines circa the early 2000s to create a simple to understand odour replacement tool. It allows the user to replace the smell of an object with either an other smell, or simply the smell of the surrounding air using a satisfying pump mechanism.


As body scanning becomes more and more prevalent, even the shape of someone’s body can be used against them. The Inflatouch allows the wearer to hide the shape of their body from prying security agents’ pat downs at checkpoints, which will become increasingly common.


The Un-You-tensil Set will allow diners to clear their traces from the dinner plate from prying DNA-scrapers and check their food for dangerous digestible food trackers.