Vihanga Gore

Nationality: Indian

Area of Expertise: Space Design | Retail Design

Vihanga is excited by spaces and their elements and strives to understand a space sensorially to respond in a way that provides powerful human experiences.

Vihanga is a Spatial Designer alumnus of National Institute Design (NID) India. She has spent 6 months at University at Politècnica de València (UPV) Spain, as a part of an exchange program. She has worked with global retail and brand consultancy FITCH and specialises in how best to translate brands into consumer experiences.

She practices the principles of multi-disciplinary design and is keen on learning how technology can be used to influence buying behavior, which she would like to implement in the physical world. She has worked with a wide range of clients including Apple, Vodafone, Westside and other Indian retail brands. Being an avid learner, at CIID she intends to gain a new perspective in design, gain critical insight, and connect ideas to have a holistic approach to any given problem in the field of design.

From public spaces and architecture to exhibitions and installations, she wants to be able to create experiences for people, where the spaces not only tells stories, but makes them feel and create, while imagining, forming and constructing spatial and temporal environments. She wants people to rethink space, to be innovative and speculative.

Vihanga is a thinker, traveler, foodie and loves to wander across the Mumbai streets to seek inspiration. She is filled with extraordinary dreams and the will to live them.