Victoria Hammel

Nationality: German / American

Area of Expertise: Product Design / Industrial Design

Never questioning what she wanted to be one day, Victoria’s design experience started with a six month internship at „create and more“ near Frankfurt. After that she went to the Berlin University of the Arts as a guest student and finally started her diploma program at the Offenbach University of Art and Design from where she graduated in October 2014.

During her studies she worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa on short and long-distance flights and was part of the Lufthansa Public Relations Team. Countries, traditions, nature and people from all over the world inspired her design projects.

Another internship followed in spring 2013 at the Siemens Design Department in Munich where Victoria got the chance to file two patents.

Design is a fascinating field to her, because it never stops challenging her. There are always new ways of thinking, new materials to find a place for, technical and formal improvement or a complete change of what we are used to. It is not only about creating and forming or programming things, it is much more about the way it makes people live, about their aspects, their everyday life and the right way of giving them tools to open all kind of options they need for living the way they want to.

Victoria sees CIID as a great opportunity to learn from experts, as well as her peers. It excites her to bring together different disciplines and to combine various competences.