Sudhanshu Gautam

Nationality: India
Area of Expertise:

Sudhanshu hails from Rajasthan, located in western part of India. He is B.TECH graduate in electronics instrumentation & control from Govt. engineering college Bikaner, Rajasthan.

During his graduation, he worked with two other batch mates and developed an interactive multi-touch table called “Sparsh (Touch)”. Sparsh allows people to interact with computers and digital content same way they have interacted for their entire life – with their hands and gestures. This project was widely appreciated by individuals and institutes across India. While working on this project, Sudhanshu realised his interest in hardware hacking in order to find out cheap alternatives of expensive solutions/technique.

After graduation, Sudhanshu continued his work as a Research Assistant at IIT Delhi and worked on other projects like graffiti & multi-touch wall.

Before joining CIID, he worked as senior software developer in an Indian IT company at various locations like Hyderabad and Melbourne. After serving there for around four years, he felt the need to start working on projects, which involve a good use of electronics, hardware and computers.

Sudhanshu applies the attitude of learning by doing and his idea of a good life is education, learning and creation.