Manu Dixit

Nationality: Indian

Areas of Expertise: Experience Design, Psychology, Computer Science

Manu has been a dedicated UX designer and usability specialist at Human Factors International, where he works on industrial strength design projects. Manu studied Computer Engineering, and started working as a programmer at Infosys, a major Indian software consulting company. Working on various industry verticals he realized the importance of design and science in developing solutions and pursued a career in experience design.

He has been closely associated with the fields of education, health care, film making and frugal tech. With his friends he founded Linux Users Group Bikaner, evangelizing the use of free and open source technologies. The group carried out various experiments with an interest to transform day-to-day lives using localized products and services. Notables ones include the introduction of $100 XO laptops – One Laptop Per Child project in the Rural areas of Northern India.

Being a UX professional, Manu constantly make efforts to humanize technology and believes that one day everyone on the planet can really “make it”. He would love to contribute in projects which benefits user communities, with a special interest in engaging portions of the population outside the mainstay of digital culture. He often dreams to be on the horizon where technology meets design.

In his free time, Manu enjoys playing cricket, badminton, swimming and cooking vegetarian food.

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