Line Birgitte

Nationality: Danish
Areas of Expertise: Fiction and motion

With a passion for telling stories, Line Birgitte finished her bachelors degree in Communication Design from Design School Kolding in the summer of 2014. During the three years she experimented with various ways of making stories and characters move, including animation, game design and pop-up books.

Before attending the Design School she was knee-deep in theatre and organised amateur productions while being assistant to directors on professional plays. The underlying methods of dramatic composition and storytelling that she learned in the years working with theatre is reworked in her ways of approaching design.

Learning new methods and techniques are some of her favourite aspects of studying design. She looks forward to learning from her peers at CIID and exploring how to expand the possibilities of interactive illustration and storytelling.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching sci-fi tv-series and reading books about awkward demons and lust lizards. Favourites are Star Trek, Doctor Who and everything Christopher Moore ever wrote.