Kåre Magnus Sand Solvåg

Country: Norway

Area of Expertise: Engineering, Concept development

Kåre has always been interested in learning how things work. He finds great joy in repairing and using things in a new way – tinkering in general. As a child, his best friend and him spent after school hours taking apart old type writers, radios, speakers and computers.

When choosing what to study, the urge to create was the drive to choose Design and Innovation at DTU. At DTU, Kåre was introduced to user-centered design and how to identify and design products that satisfy people’s actual needs. He would like to build on his Bachelor degree in Engineering from Design and Innovation by undertaking the Interaction Design Programme at CIID to be the developer and designer he aspires to be. Kåre wants to utilise technology in new, innovative and surprising ways to challenge people’s perspective and imagination. He believes in inspiring people to use technology to see its possibilities and in this way becoming a catalyst for innovation.

Alongside school, Kåre escapades with making gadgets and products. Ranging from a phone charging bedside lamp to streaming his multimedia library to his TV,or making an autonomous window opener for warm mornings.

During the last 6 months he has continued his studies at Design & Innovation, whilst working for a small product development company called Lolle & Nielsen developing concepts for automation of central sterile services departments in Danish hospitals.