John Ferreira

Country: South Africa

Area of Expertise: Visual & Interactive Design

John is a passionate visual interaction designer who received his formal education in Sydney Australia at Shillington College and started off his career as a graphic designer at which his path later developed and broadened into photography, game, interaction, and service design.

He has a love of user-centric design thinking and has also been lucky enough to work in such organisations as EA Games, Fjord and Samsung Design Europe which has influenced and impacted the way he approaches problems or opportunities.

One of John’s central drivers is learning about how things and people function, and then trying to create concepts that push the boundaries of the conventional into the unconventional.

Most recently John has been studying at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in 2015. He will be taking these learning’s into his next venture, which will be diving into the entrepreneurial space. He hopes to utilise design as a critical tool for change with his current focus which is helping support free expression and the access to good information for all.