Håvard Lundberg

Nationality: Norwegian

Area of Expertise: Environmental issues, interaction design

Håvard has always had a passion for building things and finding out how stuff works. He is a self-taught programmer and web designer, who over the years has become more interested in how users can interact with technology in a non-technological way.

With a background from various environmental NGOs, he has years of experience from policy making and grassroots actions, with a special focus on climate and energy issues. Since 2010 he has been able to combine his interests in music and environmental issues by planning and implementing sustainability projects at one of Norway’s largest music festivals.

After studying economics and social sciences, he ended up with a Bachelor degree in Design, Use and Interaction from the University of Oslo. As part of his degree he spent a year in the Netherlands at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam where he focused on Open Data and Semantic Web technologies.
Håvard has a keen interest in how technology and design can be used to improve our lives on both an individual and societal level. Still, he is critical to the notion that all technological advances are for the good.

During his stay at CIID he hopes to get better insight into these dilemmas and how to facilitate for change through design.