Haoyu Li

Nationality: China

Area of Expertise: Computer Science, Prototyping

Haoyu Li studied Computer Science at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications. During his undergraduate degree, he became very interested in design as a way of combining functionality and aesthetics.

Then he went to learn about design at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. The one-year course Industrial Design Introduction taught him some methods used for Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Service Design. From then he realised that Interaction Design is not just about user interfaces, but a discipline with wide interesting areas.

After finishing the course, Haoyu Li went to Harman, Shenzhen in China, and interned as a Creative Developer at the Harman Design Center. His job is mainly about prototyping in the process of developing concept projects and updating existing products as well. It was a good opportunity to work with other designers to make audio devices. However, as well as creating products, he wants to learn more about Interaction Design.

Haoyu Li came to CIID for its great atmosphere of collaboration and the wide application areas of Interaction Design through a hands-on and people-centred approach. With curiosity about human behaviour, emotion and technology, he would like to explore the potential of Interaction Design, for instance, in learning how to play instruments, or to enhance social relations through collective participation.