Gunes Kantaroglu

Country: Turkey / The Netherlands
Areas of Expertise: Cognitive Science, Psychology, Service Design

Güneş has built her career at the intersection of data science, service design and customer experience after studying psychology and neuroscience at University of St Andrews (UK) and cognitive science at University of Amsterdam (NL). Scientific research and inquiry has guided most of her previous work.

Building on this broader experience, Güneş joins other designers in creating a reality where digital and physical worlds become one – a future where interfaces are invisible, where things and people are connected in meaningful and engaging ways. In doing so, she sees her unique contribution in using cognitive processes such as memory, perception, and emotion as backdrops for design.

Focusing on our continuously evolving relationship with the environment, Güneş strives to leverage experiences related to lifestyle, health and education through interaction design.

She is not only passionate about creating products and services which answer human needs but also crafting pleasurable and holistic experiences for greater societal impact.