Feild Craddock

Area of Expertise: Industrial Design

Nationality: United States

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Feild knew from an early age that he wanted to invent things. As he got older, he came to realize that an inventor was in fact a designer. His passion for solving problems and bringing the future to life led him to study industrial design at Virginia Tech University. Since graduation he has been living in New York City and working at Smart Design on a variety of interesting projects ranging from kitchen tools to home automation.

Feild’s satisfaction being a designer comes from constantly learning new things and having the opportunity to bring real value to people’s lives. He is excited to be working in a time where the rate of new, emerging technologies is outpacing our ability to put them to good use. While at CIID, Feild hopes to explore how these many new advancements can be combined in novel and meaningful ways.

In his spare time time Feild enjoys cooking, making music, improv, and traveling. He is thrilled to become a part of the CIID community and to make Copenhagen his new home.