Ciarán Duffy

Nationality: Irish
Area of Expertise: Music Composition, Project Management, Language Acquisition

Born and raised in Ireland, Ciarán is a keen musician with many years of performance experience on both the piano and the saxophone. An early interest in technology and digital media led him to combine his passions and learn more about the music and creative technology industries.

After studying a double-major in Music and French at Trinity College, Dublin, Ciarán specialised in music composition during his fourth and final year, composing a number of pieces combining both digital and acoustic sounds with visual elements. This experience led him to develop an interest in the creative process and combining technologies.

His subsequent time living in France and Japan exposed him to a variety of technologies and design practices, in particular, language pedagogical tools, music production software as well as the gadgets of everyday life. He is fascinated by interactive museum installations as well as new educational devices and is keen to learn more about co-creation, user-testing, tangible user interfaces and prototyping whilst at CIID.

As well as music, Ciarán is also passionate about language acquisition. He enjoys working and learning as part of a team and is a firm believer in learning being a fun and hands-on experience. He hopes to pursue these varied interests in a future career in design.

In his free time, when not playing or listening to music, Ciarán can be found playing Gaelic football or planning a trip he can’t afford.

You can read his full story and see some of his work at