Chelsey Wickmark

Nationality: United States

Areas of Expertise: International Development, Research and Evaluation

Chelsey is approaching interaction design from a background in international development and public policy. She has worked for a number of United Nations agencies, including UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO and the UN Office for South-South Cooperation on projects promoting the Creative Economy, human rights and gender equality. Through this work she became curious to better understand the impact of technology and people centered design on the field of development.

Chelsey holds a MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. She is interested in creating spaces to connect socio-culturally diverse communities to create healthy urban environments. Specifically, she’d like to explore service design with a focus on collaboration and human behavior.

Joining CIID, Chelsey is looking forward to new experiences, new ideas and collaborating with people from different backgrounds. She is always seeking ways to develop a broad range of skills and is excited to focus on design interactions that improve communities’ shared experiences in a participatory and engaging way.