Alejandra Molina

Country: Mexico

Area of Expertise: UI/UX Design and Engineering

Alejandra believes that technology should be accessible to everyone. Her goal is to design easy to use, fun, beautiful solutions that improve people’s lives.

A Mexican designer and engineer, she studied Design but then left the field to study a major in Robotics and Automation. Fascinated by understanding how things worked, she enjoyed Robotics but found she liked people better than robots, and realised her passion would always be design.

Not wanting to leave her engineering background, Alejandra kept programming. She worked as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer. She then became involved in Mexico’s civic hacking community, working towards open data, open government and open innovation.

Interested in everything, always thrilled to meet new people, she loves traveling, singing, sketching, reading and scubadiving.

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