Municipal Teleporting Agency

For this two day project we received a futuristic design brief where we were challenged to create a scenario for a teletransportation service with one or more digital touchpoints. The deliverable was a low-fidelity video prototype with a maximum length of 30 seconds.

Previously in the week we had been working independently on possible solutions for such a service, which we now combined into one concept. We iterated over various scenarios and through this process we realised the importance of planning a video shoot and the need for less complexity in the different scenes.

The first week of this course focused on video as a prototyping tool for easily conveying a story. We learned how to work with scenarios for film production and how important this tool is when developing a concept and planning a shoot. We also worked with script writing and how to plan and record voice overs. In addition we learned how to use video editing software and got a crash course in applying effects in post production.