MeetAt app

MeetAt allows you to do two important things with your free time – find a place you will be interested going to and meet new people with similar interests once you get there.

To do that MeetAt groups attractions and events by category and gives an overview of each. It also allows you to pre-set several search criteria for the people you would want to meet. Once you choose a place and arrive there, MeetAt searches for others who visit the same event. If match is found both parties get notified by the app and then individually decide if they want to meet or not. At first, to provide some serendipity for their meeting they are shown minimum information about each other. If both agree to meet the app provides them with additional profile information along with the meeting point map to help them find each other in space.

The app may also keep the history of your meetings so that you can stay in touch with people you had good time with.

We went through the study process by creating the draft video where we learned about our cameras, tripods, focus, depth of field, etc. We also had the opportunity to learn the software for post-editing.
Next thing we did was conceptualizing the actual service and making the prototypes for the interactions with it.

We learned about the importance of location scouting as this allowed us to better construct our frame shots, account for lighting conditions, and better manage our time once we arrived for the shoot the next day.
Storyboarding helped us better structure the content of our video and make sure we convey important features of the application we conceptualised earlier.

Finally, we learned a lot and had great fun shooting and editing videos to make the final deliverable of the class.