Diet Smart

The video prototyping class emphasised the use of video as a communication tool rather than a sketching tool when prototyping. The brief was to design a curated health & wellness service around a digital touchpoint for newcomers.

This particular project focused on designing an app to support people who have recently changed their diets (i.e., newcomers to a diet). People with special dietary requirements can find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to search for specific food products in supermarkets. With the increase of artificial additives in food products and the lack of proper labelling, customers struggle to understand their food options and trust what they are buying is safe.

Diet Smart is a high-fidelity app prototype envisioned to make the lives of those on special diets easier when shopping and cooking. The app links to a specific supermarket and is able to access the full range of products available in a given store. It allows customers to personalise the app by choosing their specific dietary requirement.

By simply scanning the barcode of a product, customers can find out whether the product fits in with their diet or not. When there is a fit, the app will also give them recipe suggestions, pointing them to all the other products in their store.