Haven Symfoni

A gardener makes use of a standard FM radio to locate and attend to ailing plants at the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen. Plants throughout the greenhouse are augmented with antennas that broadcast the moisture level in the soil. As a plant becomes more parched, the auditory alerts it broadcasts become more frantic and demonstrate the need for attention. Using headphones, the gardener can pinpoint the source of the signal.

This video attempted to redefine the day to day life of a gardener within the Botanical Gardens. By providing the means to specifically locate one plant amongst many in a crowded greenhouse, it becomes far easier for a gardener to attend to those plants that truly need individual care.

This video prototype was filmed in one take using a helmet mounted GoPro. Audio was recorded separately using a Zoom microphone and sound design was completed in Ableton Live.

In the sound design, panning is implemented to give the gardener a sense of the direction she is facing in relation to the plant in need. As the gardener approaches this particular plant, the sound grows in complexity.