Farm to Table Acoustics

Our team was inspired by the notion of fostering a virtual auditory community between consumer and producers in a global marketplace. We tried to connect the coffee consumer with the people and places along the products’ supply chain. We sought to do this through creating an auditory tour of the coffee’s journey from the hillside to the kitchen table.

To prototype this concept the team designed a sound-scape that led the listener along each stage of coffee production, from picking and drying the beans, through the market stalls and ports, all the way to the roasting and grinding machines. The team spent two days reproducing sound-effects using found objects in and around our studio in Copenhagen, essentially creating a foley-studio to illicit thoughts of tropical plantations and busy market-places. Individual clips were then layered to create multifaceted ambient sounds using Ableton Live.

Coming to this project as complete sound-design novices, the team developed a new appreciation for the role sound plays in the design process and how effectively it can be used as a means of communication and a tool to connect people in disparate places.

For the full sound experience please click the link below :