City Beats

Imagine that every street and corner, back alley and city square had a hidden sound which you could tap into. How would that change the way you interact with the city? City Beats is a mobile application that turns your body into a record needle, allowing you to discover the hidden sound of the city.

City Beats lets you pick up music samples left at different locations throughout the city. Users can choose what kind of music to accompany their city exploration; from classical to hip-hop to electronica. When moving through the city, the application will mix the different sound samples together, in time, to give you a curated, but unique soundscape which will elevate the experience of the nearby surroundings.

Historical areas of the city will have a different sound to places with more modern architecture. Open spaces will be accompanied with music that is clearly different from small, narrow streets. Specific neighbourhoods can have a specific type of sound – something that underlines the neighbourhood’s character and ‘feel’.