Paperwork Compass

Research and Findings

The team performed field research at the International House. The aim was to improve the user experience of the International House visitors who were trying to get official documents needed to legally stay, study or work in Denmark.

From the observations and interviews with both users and staff members, it appeared there was confusion about documents and forms that forces visitors to come back several times without completing their errands.

It also emerged that visitors seeking information online, found it via external sites, both official and unofficial. These sources often contained inadequate or outdated information.

Desk research also showed how new visitors without prior knowledge of the International House, were unlikely to find it through searching online. Those who do visit the International House website ( didn’t seem to find what they were looking for.


The team designed, prototyped and tested an online interactive and embeddable webpage, where users get specific information relevant to their situation.

Using the format of a questionnaire, the webpage asks a series of questions to the user in order to present a to-do list, tailored to the user’s specific case and needs.

The checklist can then be saved, sent to an email address, or printed to ensure that the user will bring all the required papers and forms when visiting the International House.

All embedded questionnaires link back to a single information source. As a result, International House need only update information in one location to update information in all embedded questionnaires across the web, wherever they may be.

The questionnaire can also be accessed within the International House building through physical info points.