Random Logic Radio

This whimsical radio station plays back a song to you based on the trending article right now on the New York Times. After finding the article, it follows a line of path which might be perceived as random – but which holds it’s own internal logic. After fetching information from six different content sources, where the lookup is dependent on what the previous source returned, it plays a song.

Below is the (random) logic of the radio station, which is written in Processing:
1) Pick a random verb from the most popular article on New York Times at the moment
2) Find a random Twitter user that just tweeted a tweet containing that verb
3) Match the user’s amount of either followers, statuses, favorite tweets or people the user is following to the height of the tallest mountains in the world
4) Find the flag of the country where the mountain is located
5) Extract the dominant color (RGB) of the flag and match that (RGB) to existing color names used on the web
6) Look for a song on SoundCloud which is similar to the color name
7) Extract listening statistic of the specific song from Last.fm

This program was written during 24 hours during the first introduction week of Secret Life of Objects, where we got an introduction to accessing different APIs. Full code for a running version is available on GitHub.

Further exploration into this concept would be to create simple rules of logic which the users themselves could stack in any order, allowing them to have a sense of control of the randomness and exploring outcomes of the different sequences of rules.