Radio Juliet

In the past, the radio was the number one medium for finding out what was going on in the world. Families gathered around it for important announcements, workers listened to the news religiously every morning and business men and women would listen to updates on world finances. Juliet hopes radios can regain that prominent role in the home of the future.

Juliet is a radio designed for the ‘object-oriented home of the future’. She scans the internet for news, from a variety of sources, newspapers, news sites and social networks. Using advanced speech to text algorithms she broadcasts the news, starting first with confirmed facts, followed by the different sides of the same story from different news sources. 

Juliet can give the listener an informed opinion on what’s going on in the world, at both a local and global level. In addition, the tone of the news stories can be altered for those mornings when you just want to hear the light news. Listeners get the information, as well as different interpretations of the information, allowing them to be informed on a wide range of matters across the world without fear of being influenced by any media bias.