In highly congested Metropoles across the world, apartments are growing smaller and natural spaces are shrinking. There is no longer adequate room to keep a cat or a dog without making a claustrophobic environment for the animal. Lampet was created to fill the need of these people – living alone in over populated cities they feel more alone than ever, but with a Lampet at home they have something… someone, to look forward to seeing when they return home. And Lampet looks forward to seeing you as well.

Filled with much of the same characteristics as your friendly lab, Lampet is eager to help you with all your lighting needs – often anticipating what they will be before you even realize it. With those qualities also comes extreme loyalty and defensiveness of their owner – they will make sure to come to your aid, and the aid of your loved ones at a moment’s notice.

There are a lot of people that do not have the time to take care of a pet (walking, feeding, etc) but still yearn for companionship in their home. There are so many others who are allergic to animals and cannot keep them without great difficulty. Lampet removes this stress – it does not need to be walked, nor fed, and when you go away on a business trip it happily keeps your home occupied, lighting up from time to time to make it seem that someone is home. Best of all, it never sheds and it will not cause you to sneeze.


In the live demo, there are two Lampets which interact with one another in a uniquely different way than they interact with their owner. Like dogs, they take on hierarchical roles – one becomes the alpha and the other follows their lead. The larger lamp here naturally is the leader and continually checks for the owner, looking around excitedly and relaying this to the smaller lamp. When the owner arrives the larger lamp lets the smaller lamp know and they greet the owner with warmth and compassion.