Swinging Structure Sounds

Swinging Structure Sounds is a sound creating composition of motorised structures. These three structures consist out of different materials, patterns, concentrations and motions to visualise differences in the tone ranges. Using the structures particular shape and behaviour enabled the team to translate the change of light into sounds via light sensors.

The tones being created depend on different factors, such as the distance between light and structures, light intensity (experimented with space and resources), speed at which the structures turn and the movement of light through the room, as well as the interactions between the structures themselves.

The more light the objects reflect on to the sensors, the louder the tone is. The faster the structures turn, the quicker the change of tones is, caused through uneven shapes. Due to the change of the lights` angle the structures can compose sound variations.

Before we decided on which shapes and materials we wanted to work with, we tested various prototypes and objects around us to find out about their characteristics in patterns, concentrations and sound variations.

Set-up: 3 light sensors, 3 motors, 3 piezos, a couple of LEDs, 2 Arduinos.