Road Projections

This research project was done in collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen, to repurpose parking meters throughout the city. The project was part of the initial research which was used in a later hack-a-thon, where students and other participants would develop prototypes and concepts the municipality could consider for repurposing the meters.

Over two weeks, sit-down interviews, on-the-street interviews and prototyping of ideas was carried out.

The first week was spent to do broad research, identifying design opportunities, before the second week was spent developing a concept which was rapid prototyped.

The design opportunity chosen to be investigated more, was a way to inform cyklists on the go, with local and time relevant content. Through brainstorm, a projector was chosen to prototype, with varied content.

When setting up and testing the first prototype we tried to provoke bypassers and get their reactions. The projection on the asphalt made people curious and excited about what was tested. They started giving feedback on content, size and orientation of the projection.

A second round of prototyping was set up at a location considered to be suitable next to a parking meter, with more varied content. The prototype was as small as possible (using a small tripod, with a pico projector, connected to a phone, without an external power source), to not be imposing and draw attention away from the projection. With this prototype the we took role as passive observers, to see how it blended into the environment, and see if people paid it attention. A hundred meters further up the path, one of us stood at the traffic light, asking the cyclists quick questions.

The feedback given was overall very positive, with several possibilities for content and applications.