To explore different opportunities for repurposing existing parking machines in Copenhagen we conducted interviews with four people: two locals, a tourist guide and a French native. We were interested on their preferences and ways of using technology while navigating and exploring the city.

From the interviews we gathered that the needs for online and offline information differ according to the group at hand. However, we felt that both locals and tourist might benefit from a responsive means of exploring the city. We brainstormed on our hypotheses and insights around the notion.

For the purposes of assessing our ideas we made a prototype binocular which we would test out using paper as well as digital means. We found that our paper version failed to convey the intended experience and the users found it difficult to grasp.

The digital version, however, allowed us to get appropriate feedback on our prototype. With the digital version we were able to display and have the user interact with street level information on attractions and hidden gems surrounding the specific place. We fabricated a zoom function for the user to be able to navigate further to the attraction preferred. On this level the user could then find out more specific information on the attraction such as opening times.