Music /// 3

Music///3 is the product of a three day project working with music and motors to create a two-person instrument with haptic feedback.

Playing an instrument is not everyone’s favourite activity: hitting the right tones at the right time can feel like a daunting task if you are being put in front of something like a guitar with six strings. It seems like there are a thousand possibilities of where to put your fingers. We wanted to create an instrument that shows what you are doing while you are doing it, and enables you to make small adjustments to a composition all the way through playback.

We focused on how to make an input visible, how to record the input which can be played back as a loop and how to play it with audio, visuals and haptic feedback.

How to play

One player could use a pen to draw continuous lines that create sound depending on the trend of the lines – the drawing is ‘recorded’ and played back – once another player starts to roll the paper and add the dimension of time and volume to the musical composition. The second person can be part of the live-performance, to apply a MIDI envelope effect to the original soundtrack by moving a second slider, or add an extra percussion channel by hitting a pressure sensitive button.