Wave Pendulum Sound Generator

Inspired by the Theremin, an electronic musical instrument which generates sound without any physical contact, we wanted to explore similar sound generation techniques. With an initial idea of using a plant as a Theremin we moved on to investigate other systems with a less intentional interaction.

For this one day project we constructed a rudimentary wave pendulum consisting of 10 individual pendulums. We assembled 10 circuits, each consisting of the 555 timer integrated circuit for sound synthesizing based on input from a light resistor which changes its resistance based on the motion from the pendulum (dark/light). As a result, the pendulum acts as a synthesizer and produces a wall of sound based on the motion from the 10 pendulums.

During this foundation course we were introduced to the basics of electronics and learned how to build our own circuits using components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors.

In addition to this one day project, we also worked with electronics and textiles – experimenting with sewing our own circuits, building various loud speakers with magnets and different coils.