Soundful Handshake

Conductive gloves are a small exploration into the use of electronics and various conductive materials. We painted several sheets of paper with conductive paint and pencils before applying it to the gloves in order to observe the material properties, characteristics and behaviors with electronic circuitry.

After building adequate knowledge we explored different types of “hand shaking” behaviours and we investigated which part of the palm mostly comes into contact while handshaking. Building upon that, we exposed some areas of the gloves with conductive paint and connected them to the electronic circuitry.

The final prototype created sound in different tones and made LEDs light up. Depending on how much pressure was put on the conductive points of the gloves and on how much paint were used in the particular areas, we were able to create different tones. As different tones can be created the created sounds could give informations about the relationship between the two people shaking hands.

Using a range of electronics components and conductive materials made us aware of their properties, behaviours and the possibility of quickly prototyping our design ideas.