Word Negotiation

The final output from the Introduction to Programming week-long course in February 2015. Harnessing the potential of the local network setup for the class, Word Negotiation links five computers to allow users to make a sentence together. Each computer controls one type of word, for example, noun, verb, adjective etc. Clicking the mouse will change the word while tapping spacebar takes a screenshot of the sentence and uploads it to a Tumblr page. The position of the words are controlled by the mouse’s position allowing players to make a five-word sentence in any shape or pattern.

This project allowed for exploration with object-oriented programming as well as the possibilities that arise when computers are linked in a network. As computers in a LAN are often linked without a controlling computer – players of Word Negotiation are connected, without leaders, in such a way that they must negotiate and interact together, in real life, to produce the most surprising sentence.