Urbanism has made humans disconnected by living in industrialized cities with little contact with nature. Traffic, congestion, pollution, and concrete blocks have made people lose the feeling of being in the natural world. As creatures, we have a deep connection with nature that is necessary to maintain our psychological and physical health. How do we maintain this in the face of mainstream urbanization?

Ikea has high market penetration in urban cities and is uniquely positioned to help bring urban citizens the remedial affects of being in nature. “Everyday objects like tables and chairs are our silent companions, but what if they weren’t just passive fixtures and instead could empower, inspire and assist us in developing healthier habits and reducing out impact on the planet?” This was the starting point for Öron as part of a collection of products for ‘Aspirational Objects.’


Öron is an alarm clock that aids the user in bringing the outside world into the home through sounds from nature. As our lives are experienced more and more through our phones, it is important to provide a meaningful way to engage with nature. Öron’s analog interface allows listeners to scan through sounds of nature, akin to scanning through radio stations. Users can enjoy Öron as they go about their day or wake up to their choice of sounds, leaving them far more fresh and calm than if they had awoken to a jarring alarm.  The range of sounds available allow the user to fine tune their auditory environment based on their current mood. Additionally, Öron wakes the user by blowing a soft breeze that brings in an an aspect of physicality from the outside world.