ShapeShifter12 & Restless Nullpointer

The students teamed up for this course to create two digital creatures that reacted to each others movements. Key learnings included better familiarity with Processing, object oriented programming and using physics libraries.

About the two creatures:

Name: Restless Nullpointer
Date of first observation: January 1st, 2000.
Where: The Restless Nullpointer was first observed in a Windows 98 exe-file of the software Paintshop Pro. The computer hosting the Restless Nullpointer belonged to a an old man, who never got his computer to work.
Characteristics: The Restless Nullpointer is a class that lost a child class during the panic surrounding of the Milleninum bug, also known as Y2K. In an hopeless attempt to find its child it wanders around with no plan or direction.

Name: ShapeShifter12
Occurence: December 12th, 2012
Where: When twelve boys aged 12 linked their 12 Game Boys together, this strange creature occupied each device. Due to the research work of 12 very ambitious groups of scientists ShapeShifter12 shows magically up today again.
Characteristics: ShapeShifter12 has the special ability to sense approaching creatures, it then detects if they are lovable or evil. Once a stranger enters it’s reach, ShapeShifter12 changes it’s shape according to the emotional connection to the stranger, forming either an heart or an „X“.