Black Cold Hole Particle

1. __Name:__ – Black Cold Hole Particle

2. __Occurence:__ – 11 of December 1988

3. __Where:__ – The Black Cold Hole Particle was first observed on a IBM “Diskette 1” 200 mm floppy disk at Zepplin Research Station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

4. __Characteristics:__ – Although the theory of a body so massive that not even light can escape it has existed for centuries, the discovery of the Black Cold Hole Particle baffled the Artic researchers who incidentally came across the phenomenon while trying to install Mindscape’s IBM PC version of Pac-Man™ on a Toshiba T1200H running MS-DOS 4.01.

Due to the devastating nature of the Black Cold Hole Particle, allegations quickly surged from different Norwegian sources about a Russian instigated computer virus. A few off-the-record remarks about the incident from the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, during a Russian-Norwegian Trade Conference in St. Petersburg in January 1989, got picked up by a Russian journalist and became headlines in all the major Russian newspaper within the week.

The situation quickly plunged the two Arctic countries into a diplomatic shit storm and almost broke the fragile state of peace between them.

The phenomenon has not been observed since.