Vivify is a tool for self-initiated individual training that picks people up at their level and helps them to reach their goals in a progressive, successful and enjoyable way.

The product system is made for people with physical health issues caused by unhealthy relationships to their bodies. Linked to an app, the exercise program is composed by physiotherapists to fit the patient’s individual needs to best support them on their way back to a permanently healthy and pain-free routine. An interactive mat helps patients to progress slowly and execute the exercises correctly by real-time visual and audio feedback.

Six pressure sensors in the mat can function as a personal trainer and give you real time feedback on your position.  The sensors due to the information the doctor feeds into the system (height, length of specific body parts, weight, diagnostic findings, specifics) know if the user e.g. in the plank position has his/her elbows in a right angle to her body or not. Besides the position the sensors can also track which direction the user is putting force on their body parts from and easily count the repetitions. It is not only helpful for the user himself to get individual real time feedback and see their own progress, but it is also essential for the app to know the users body ability and progress to rearrange exercises in a way that best suits the user.

The app allows patients to choose a goal out of a pre-composed exercise program from the doctor. This gives back the control and the responsibility to the patient.

At first sight it seems a little bit absurd to choose a complex yoga pose, but it allows the user to outgrow themselves and change the perception they have of themselves as being a patient by rewarding themselves by being able to do something they were not able to do before.

When I asked people what they would like to be able to do with their body during the interview, many responses (female as well as male) were talking about “the splits”, “hold a hand stand”, “acro-yoga” to an elderly woman (65 years old) saying that she would love to be able to close her shoes again standing on one foot without having to lean again something.

Allowing the user to choose a goal themselves allows them to focus on a positive future aim rather than trying to get rid of pain is an important feature of this system.

How To Get Vivify
Vivify is part of a service provided by physiotherapists and health insurance companies. The doctor feeds all relevant informations into a system provided by a health insurance company to compose an exercise program that best suits the patient’s individual needs. Once the program is composed the patient gets access to the program through the app. The interactive mat helps them to progress accordingly and execute the exercises correctly. Visual and audio feedback allow them to reach their self-chosen goal at their individual speed.