Navigating your professional life

The Domain

When Liliana started to work on her chosen topic area she had the assumption that it’s all about helping people to find the perfect balance in between work and leisure time to keep them motivated, reflected and well-rested.

“In order to stay balanced, we need to approach balance in a balanced way: Body (physically) – Mind (intellectually & emotionally) – Spirit (spiritually)” Nigel Marsh

Research Conclusion

There is no perfect evenness to these main aspects in people’s lives – Body, Mind and Spirit; also it’s a very different experience for each individual. People design their lives the way they aspire to do it. It’s more powerful to give them the possibility to understand what decision they made, that lead them to point they are right now in order to help them to create and plan the future they desire.

Design Direction & Target User

Liliana wanted to help people realize: ‘What’s my journey been so far, what am I good at, and where should I go next?’, and was hoping to find answers by tackling the design challenge: ‘HMW encourage conversations to happen around personal life goals and ambitions, by helping people self-reflect and prioritise what’s important to them?’.

Co-Pilot’s target users are freelance creatives (btwn 30+ up to 55 yrs.), living successful professional lives. Around this age people start to think about “Am I doing the right thing and where to I want to go next?” They are ambitious and passionate challenge seekers, who constantly strive to redefine themselves and want to be seen for achievements. Work has high priority and an important impact on their lives. However they are the ones who suffer the most under pressures of constantly keeping up the competition.


The chosen ideas ranged from practical tools helping individuals to organize their day to tracking of self-reflection, as well as an environment which senses people’s emotional status.


Co-Pilot is a coaching service for independent creatives, which facilitates their career-related decisions via self-reflection. The service platform pools and processes personal data from various sources (e.g. calendar, health, location) and visualises it to generate engaging prompts for self-reflection. Driven by data, the service lets users discover and set milestones, and matches them with a coach to help make informed decisions throughout the career journey.

How could this work?
Co-Pilot proposes a platform, which consists out of the combination of artificial and human intelligence, to support the freelance creatives in self-reflection by providing views on life events in relation to their well-being.


Starting with where the user sets up his preferences and gives permission to pool and process personal data, Liliana wanted to find out which kind of data people would be willing to feed into the system. She tested the taking and tagging pictures, receiving different styles of notifications and data visualizations through visual storytelling, which are relevant components for the self-reflection portfolio page.

As well she envisioned how calendar layouts could be influenced through mood-tracking.

Liliana focussed in her final project on user research. Since visual design is one of her strengths she wanted to challenge herself in these other phases of the design process, specifically research and prototyping. Especially dealing with such big data – as in the high-level concept included – require several iterations and way more time for user testing in order to make it meaningful.