Metal Painting

There is so much around us in the world that we cannot see. Metal pipes and wires can be found in almost every room and yet they are so rarely seen. It takes months to plan their careful position throughout a building however these meticulous blueprints are never seen. By visualising these pipes and wires, using a stud finder, a very long exposure and a low aperture, it can be possible to ‘make the invisible visible’ and see the construction of the rooms we are in.

Using an industrial stud finder, it was possible to locate the position of wires and pipes through brick, wood and plasterboard alike. Red signified the presence of metal, while green indicated its absence. Having explored the piping and wiring of many rooms, it became clear that the stud finder could be used to make interesting light paintings of many other objects.

Lining up old chairs, it was possible to see the progression in style from antique wooden chairs to more modern chairs with metal frames. Similarly, by going out into local parks and public areas, it was possible to create interesting images using the world of hidden metal around us. The final image uses this light painting technique to light up the iconic bronze Little Mermaid statue at midnight.

The final images were presented in a processing sketch which allowed users to slide between the original image and the visualisation of the hidden metal, using the mouse.