Rejuv is a rubbish bin to help home owners separate and recycle waste in an efficient and playful way. The bin is divided in to three garbage sections helping you to sort the garbage by material to allow starting a recycling process.

Depending on the material the owner gets to guess where the trash belongs. If the guess is wrong the trash will not open up, it will also not allow you to open the particular sector yourself. Further on in the process the rubbish bin will help you make the right decisions by recognising the material you hold over it and rotating until the right sector is underneath it. Then it will automatically open and invite you to drop the garbage. A successful drop of garbage makes the moody bin happy and shows this by waving its separated lids.

Other then that the owner gets a gift for taking proper care of the garbage by recycling it into something useful. The combination of paper, fruit & seeds and coffee pot are being compressed and com-positioned into a plant which you can grow at home.

We imagine the future to allow us recycle our own garbage at home. Different materials may lead to different products which you may not necessarily want to keep yourself, but could also sell. One example could be bricks out of plastic which children could play with, another could be compressed metal which turns into hangers.