From Shanghai to Amsterdam

The painting seen here is a family heirloom, which is over three hundred years old. It depicts the homeward journey of, Jan Bakker, my great-grandfather, from Shanghai to Amsterdam. He himself received it as a present from a Dutch artist/horologist upon arrival in Amsterdam. Several years later, it was passed on to my grandfather and then to my parents. Lately, I discovered it in the attic of my apartment while doing laundry.” – Liliana Lambriev

The team recommend watching the film to reveal its secret attributes. What does the painting do? It brings your imagination to life and plays with your senses. It allows you to feel the ocean spray, hear the sound of the waves and smell the salty, sea air. Furthermore, it triggers your visual senses. Sometimes you can follow the ship going through stormy waves, from Shanghai to Amsterdam. Sometimes, the ship is invisible having passed completely behind the high seas beyond the horizon.

The team wanted to create an analog product, without the use of any high-tech gadgets, which appears magical through slow and subtle changes.