Running clubs have been arounds for years, but theres this really interesting new trend of running crews. We thought these crews really embody what people want out of running and what we want out of our service: Friends, Motivation, Competition, and Fun. That’s why CoMotion is centred around organised running groups. 

– Focus on running “crews” and clubs
– Friends, Motivation, Competition and Fun.
– Give running groups a way to interact outside their regular meetings.


Competition not surprisingly is something that came up a lot in our user sessions. What was surprising was the complexity surrounding when and with whom runners want to be competitive. We addressed this by shifting the focus from competition between individuals to competition between crews. The leaderboard feature of

– Runners have a complicated relationship with competition.
– Encourage competition between crews.
– Promote running together.


While we found that the preference for running alone or with others is often a matter of personal taste, we also found there are undeniable advantages to group running. You can get points for you crew anytime you run, but as your running group grows your score multiplier also grows. You multiply your point by running with your crew.

– Some run together some run alone.
– Running in groups can be really helpful.
– Multiply your run’s score by running in a group.


Stats and data are something that serious runners are nuts for, and we found a lot of apps out there that do it well. What we kept hearing that we found really interesting was that runners are curious about strangers stats often even more so than the stats of their friends.

– Runners are crazy about statistics.
– They are curious about the stats of strangers.
– Stats on your runs and those of crew members.


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