Augmented Memories

Augmented Memories is a concept exploring how design would allow people to store virtual memories in physical objects in a way that integrates simple messages, symbols and paintings into the three-dimensional reality which constitutes the physical world.

How it works
The mask is built using an iPad, a webcam and a Leap Motion sensor. Everything is controlled by a single Processing sketch, which uses the NyARTToolkit to detects special markers (black and white images) in real time to determine the three-dimensional position and orientation of an object in the physical world. Once a marked object is detected, the user can use his/her fingers to write a message, draw a symbol or paint an abstract image in relation to that particular object. The message, symbol or painting is then stored with the physical object, and will be available for everyone looking at the object while wearing the mask.

To be able to switch between multiple objects simultaneously detected by the webcam, the team built a control ring from a Makey Makey controller and two push button switches.

During this course the team gained deeper insights into the opportunities and challenges of working with wearables and got a lot of hands on experience with designing for and testing out embodied interactions. Working with Augmented Reality for the very first time, the team also experienced a glimpse of a design future that promises to enhance the physical world, but at the moment still has a lot challenges in terms of feeling “natural”.