Yang Hsiang-Lin

Country: Taiwan
Area of Expertise: Industrial Deign

Yang Hsiang-Lin is a designer with user- centered thinking from Taiwan. He completed his Master in Industrial Design at National Taipei University of Technology. After graduation, he worked at design consultancies such as PEGA D&E and Pilotfish as an industrial designer, specialized in consumer electronics and medical products for 4 years. The fascinating part of his job is to take care of design problems whether these are relative to interface, product or service ideas. Yang Hsiang-Lin is obsessed with the design process from discovering the requirements of users to studying the relationship between human and subject.

It was the project “Color-Up Lamp” Yang Hsiang-Lin worked with an interaction designer in 2009 and this is where the discipline of Interaction Design caught his attention. That product allows people to grab the light bulb sampler and by squeezing it enables them to capture hues from real objects. During this collaboration, Yang Hsiang-Lin realized what he loves most is to investigate the interaction between people and people, people and products, even people and environments. Therefore, he joins CIID in order to enrich his design background for the future. His intent is to fully understand the fundamentals and principles of interaction design and apply these learning’s to real life experiences.