Samantha Lim

Country: Singapore
Area of Expertise: Interaction Design, Psychology, User Research

Samantha is an interaction designer and avid problem solver from Singapore.

She has always been fascinated about the nuances between people, places and things. This has manifested in her obsession with (creating and devouring) stories while growing up, her keen interest in research and investigation, and her pursuit of Psychology in college. Curious about how people learn and think, she engaged in further research in Cognitive Psychology.

However, her impetus to resolve issues was only reconciled in User Experience, where she could marry understanding of behaviour with the design of everyday objects. Upon collaborating with National Institute of Education and School of Science & Technology, she delivered her first learning software for pilot implementation.

As she adores making connections between the tangible and the intangible, her passion for service system design grew. Working on Hewlett Packard’s next generation printing interface by day, she spurts off to her personal projects by night, which includes co-working solutions in densely populated cities.

CIID excites her with its multitude of social innovations and its wide array of talent. She endeavours to dig deep to acquire the skills that will enable her to orchestrate holistic design solutions that can drive impact in the lives of everyday people.