Peter Otto Kuhberg

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Interaction Design

Growing up with parents in media, Peter developed an interest for graphic design and advertising himself. To pursue this, Peter studied graphic design at ‘den skandinaviske designhøjskole’ (The Scandinavian School of Design) for a year. During his stay he was introduced to different fields of design and interaction caught his attention. His interest for interaction design grew and later he was accepted at Kolding School of Design, where he also got his Bachelor in Communication Design.

When working on a project, Peter tries to learn as much about the problem as possible, constantly expanding the idea as far as possible and analysing ‘the problem’ from every angle, asking a lot of critical questions in order to find the core of the problem. After identifying a problem, Peter will start searching for the perfect solution, and will not settle for an easy fix.

Peter has a lot of different skills that he uses in his work and is not intimidated by what can and cannot be done. In his world everything is possible, and if it isn´t – he will find a way to make it look possible.