Paula Te

Country: US
Area of Expertise: Product design, design education

Paula is interested in making people’s interactions with their environment more transparent in order to empower them with the ability to make informed and sustainable choices. Within the realm of sustainability, she wants to use design to create less, rather than more; within the realm of education, she wants to use design to simplify, rather than embellish.

These ideas sprouted from her experiences at MIT, where Paula worked on design education in the Mechanical Engineering department. Prior to that, she worked as an information architect at Siegel + Gale in NYC, and prior to that, she completed her BS in 2011 at MIT, where she studied Mechanical Engineering and concentrated in Industrial Design.

Paula is currently based in Kathmandu, where she will finish a three-month residency before joining her colleagues at CIID. Her work involves conducting design workshops at Karkhana, an education tech company and hackerspace. She hopes that teaching engineers design in a playful, hands-on environment will in turn help shape the way design and engineering is taught to children.

When Paula is not thinking about design, sustainability, and education, she likes to listen to and make music, ride her bike, and watch Adventure Time.