Myoungeun Kim

Country: South Korea
Area of Expertise: GUI/ UI

Myoungeun is a graphic designer specialised in visual art and GUI/UI.

Previously, she worked as a GUI designer with 4-years of experience in LGE Mobile Communication. Her works mainly involve designing advanced mobile GUI for global models and proposing future mobile GUI concepts, targeting from 6 months to 10 years ahead. Prior to working as a mobile GUI designer, she studied visual communication design at Hong Ik University in Korea and at MICA in U.S. For all these periods, she has built up her specialty in Graphic User Interface and UI strategy.

The most fascinating thing for Myoungeun is a balance found in the boarder – between doing and seeing, between tension and relaxation, between art and non-art. This interest, finding a balance point between different things, has affected on both her design work and her life. She loves to explore something different and mix that with other things. She hopes her time in CIID is another journey for her interest.