Kaitlyn Schwalje

Country: US
Area of Expertise: Physics | Interaction Design

Kaitlyn is a researcher and builder with a background in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to CIID she worked within the interactive technology group at Disney Research Pittsburgh, building and designing hardware for simulating touch feedback.

Kaitlyn is interested in embedding technology within nature and the human body in ways that harness both environments’ natural awareness and their ability to grow and change shape. She imagines a world liberated from the screen interface where physical interfacing, information storage, and information retrieval have been achieved with equal success–giving rise to fully interactive spaces.

Premised on human behavior, studying interaction design fulfills Kaitlyn’s desire to work in a field focused on people and how they think. Through the program at CIID she hopes to more articulately champion the cause of using nature and the human body as backdrops for interaction design.

She’s into ingestible & implantable electronics, neuroscience, botany, the sea and the sky.