Julian Kraan

Country: Switzerland

Area of Expertise: Game Design

Julian’s strong interest in computers and technology and the urge to create alternative worlds led him to study Game Design at the Zurich School of Arts. There his interests quickly expanded to other disciplines such as Graphic Design, Product Design and Interaction Design. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in 2009, he interned at a graphic and communication agency.

Since 2011 he has been working at a small company focusing on the conceptualisation and design of exhibitions, events and visitor centres. Having experienced both worlds of studying and working, he feels that the time has come for further professional development and research.

Julian is fascinated by the idea of using technology as a design medium to achieve innovative, never before seen results. He is especially interested in generative art and design. He enjoys working in a team and values alternative opinions.

In his free time he enjoys
– discussions
– playing games, analog and digital
– listening to or making music
– playing a round of ping-pong or basketball
– making lists